Staff Training

It’s not easy to hire staff off the street that are knowledgeable about, and experienced in, student administration. You may find someone who has experience of using a management information system but, the chances are, they haven’t heard of the National Student Index, let alone Youth Guarantee funding.

So if you have someone new on the team they will need training but, as I have unfortunately seen all too often, there may be little handover by the outgoing staff member – let alone documentation prepared by them relating to the more fiddly processes.

The other issue to consider is that even the smallest PTE needs two staff members who can submit an SDR because sooner or later “the one” will want a holiday, may be sick, or may leave at very short notice.

The job should be simple but seldom is. The person carrying out the task needs to be able to deal with the STEO web site, the Course Register and NSI matters.