How About No Goal Posts?

As an organisation TEC has plenty of fine words. Anybody remember the “High trust, low compliance cost” boast?

Or this bold statement? “Change in the tertiary education system cannot be delivered without improving the way that we operate. As an organisation, we also need to be more responsive, relevant and flexible to ensure that we are an enabler of system change.”

But when it comes down to doing the business TEC seems determined to fail, especially when it comes to letting the hapless TEOs know how their performance is actually monitored.

Previous practice has been for TEC to move the goal posts. Now we have gone one step further down the rabbit hole, there are no goal posts. Witness this recent question to TEC and TEC’s reply.

QPlease provide details of the performance-based funding methodology and minimum threshold being applied against the 2017 SAC and YG education performance indicators?

AThe Ministry of Education is currently consulting with the sector on performance-based funding methodology to be used with 2016 and 2017 education performance indicators. We will be able to provide further details once this consultation process is finished. If you want information about the consultation process please contact the Ministry of Education.

So, folks, you don’t know how your 2016 or 2017 performance is measured and TEC won’t tell you. Go and ask the Ministry. Maybe that’s being “more responsive, relevant and flexible”.

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