Dazed and Confused

I think I’m beginning to feel my age because I simply don’t understand the information being supplied by TEC about performance measurement.

Here is what I have found and don’t understand. Perhaps one of you can explain it to me?

  1. 2017 SAC3+ Funding Condition 8.1 (c) Criteria to be a “qualifying TEO” refers to an average 2016 course completion rate of 70%.
  2. The same 2018 SAC3+ Funding Condition refers to an average course 2017 completion rate of 70%.
  3. Historically 70% has been the basic threshold for ongoing funding. If you didn’t hit 70% in a return year (e.g. 2015) you wouldn’t receive any ongoing funding – i.e. a “zero initial allocation” would apply two years hence (that being in 2017 when 2015 was the return year). This method has been in place since 2012, albeit initially with a lower threshold.
  4. This threshold was different from the Performance Linked Funding (PLF) thresholds which could see you losing up to 5% of your funding.
  5. A TEC document circulated in October 2017 entitled “Changes to Educational Performance Indicators (EPIs) and performance-linked funding (PLF) for 2018 onwards” tells us several things:

5.1.    “There will be no PLF funding adjustments in 2018 based on 2017 (educational delivery performance data). This is because no thresholds were set for educational delivery in 2017 as the new EPI methodologies were under development and consultation. However 2017 EPI data will still be published.”

5.2.    “We are also making a small change to the definition of course completion rates following this year’s consultation process. The data used to calculate the course completion rate will now include the same students as used for the cohort-based qualification completion rate. This change will apply to 2017 performance onwards.”

  1. I have several questions. I’ll ask you first because maybe you have answers. Otherwise I guess that I will have to ask TEC and then wait, and wait, and wait ….. for answers.

6.1.    While the 2017 performance is not going to be taken into account for PLF purposes, is the modified 2017 SCC rate going to be taken into account for future initial allocations?

6.2.    If so commencing with which year?

6.3.    What are the details of the small change to the definition of the successful course completion rate from 2017?

6.4.    How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

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