A Darkening Horizon

It looks like the horizon is darkening for Take2 users.

On 23 July 2019 Wisenet undertook to support Take2 until the end of 2019, whilst urging Take2 users to purchase the Wisenet product. It would be fair to assume that comprehensive support for Take2 should comprise day-to-day support for the use of the product AND, where necessary support if the product does not function properly. That may be because of a bug, or possibly because of a change in compliance requirements initiated by a government agency.

It seems that comprehensive support for Take2 is now no longer available due to the termination of employment of key staff. The termination was not of the gangster type involving bullets but rather through redundancy. A lot of knowledge has been shown the door.

If you are a Take2 user you will have been invoiced for support to the end of the year; although in one case I know of a client that was invoiced and has paid a substantial sum for support until the middle of 2020.

If you don’t get support, or if the support doesn’t meet the conditions of the support agreement you might feel aggrieved and possibly look for a partial refund. If the refund is not forthcoming the Commerce Commission is available. That organisation enforces fair trading.

I suggest that there is another thing to think about when you are deciding on the product to select as a replacement to Take2. Find out if the supplier of a product is reliable and capable of providing ongoing comprehensive support into the New Zealand market.

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