April Single Data Return

 This post was edited on the afternoon of 7 April to reflect the fact that SDR dates had been changed at the last minute by the MoE.

It’s that time of year again. The April SDR has an extract date of 15 April and originally had to be submitted in the period from 16 April until 29 April inclusive. MoE and TEC seem to have remembered at the last minute that 29 April is a Saturday and that both Easter and ANZAC day fall in the submission period. Earlier today the period for submission was changed to be from 10 to 28 April.

Here are a couple of other things to think about in preparing for the SDR round.

1.      You must ensure that any qualification or course for which data is being reported has been approved by TEC.

2.      If you have not yet increased tuition and compulsory course cost fees for 2017, now is the time to do so up to the permissible maximum of 2%.

3.      If for any reason you need to re-submit a December 2016 SDR you must do so (with TEC’s permission) prior to 16 April.

4.      The April SDR is you last chance to submit 2016 course and qualification completions for inclusion in the published 2016 Education Performance Indicators.

On a lighter (sadder?) note this is a record year for TEC and MoE’s (mis)management of the SDR. It is the first time you will be going into the exercise without knowing from the STEO web site that your student management system has been certified. Also the SDR Manual applicable to the return was only updated on 7 April, replacing the December 2016 manual which contained misleading information.