Registry Processes

I like to think of student management as being similar to financial management. Submitting your SDR is a bit like making your GST return. Get it wrong and you have problems. Processing enrolments is a bit like issuing invoices. Get it wrong and you don’t get funding. Recording outcomes is a bit like doing a bank reconciliation. Get it wrong and suddenly you lose funding because your EPI scores are too low.

Obviously the actual work is different, but the need for clearly prepared and documented processes, the level of care in entering and checking data, and the ability to produce useful management information from that data is at a similar level of importance.

There is one major difference, though, and that is that there are plenty of people with knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting but very few with student registry knowledge and experience. And there is another related difference: the turnover of registry staff can be very high.

You can buy a book to tell you how to run a small business. There are plentiful courses in business studies that cover the basics of the financial part of running a business.

Fortunately you can now make use of my services to assist in developing and reviewing registry processes, preparing relevant documentation, and mentoring staff.