Audit Assistance

TEC undertook fifty-five audits in 2016, a further seventy in 2017 and plans for 120 in 2018. The introduction of the Fees Free policy means that TEC has had to extend its audit scope. TEC has also introduced the concept of Desk-Top audits.

If you have undergone an audit recently hopefully all went well and, apart from expending a lot of your time, the process had no negative consequences. That is not always the case and usually you will be directed to follow-up on one or two issues; some of which may take time and effort.

If you are expecting an audit this year then you are probably already preparing for the event.

In the last year I have assisted a number of clients at both ends of the process, using my knowledge of TEC’s funding conditions and my understanding of student management processes. I have received very positive feedback.

The pre-audit service I offer involves reviewing your funding allocations and the applicable funding conditions (which may go back several years), and then visiting to run through a comprehensive checklist to identify any potential issues. Then, if required, I can assist in handling those issues prior to the TEC audit visit.

The desk-top audit service involves preparing a briefing checklist of the material you will need to submit and assisting where necessary in preparing that material.

The post-audit service I offer involves assisting with the review of the draft audit report. Then, if required, I can assist is implementing improvements to your student management processes. On occasion an audit may result in a requirement to re-submit SDRs from earlier years. This can be a tortuous process. I can assist.

And if you fall in the sweet spot of being between audits, you may also find my assistance with reviewing and improving student management processes useful both in terms of making them more efficient and more fully compliant.

Please contact me if you are interested in these services – or maybe just for a chat about managing compliance requirements.