Same old same old

If you receive TEC Now you will have received a notification on Tuesday 25 April that Conditions for 2017 for Youth Guarantee funding are available. As is often the case with TEC clicking on the link will have displayed the page that reads “Our new website – page not found”.

If however you search on the TEC website you might, if you’re lucky, come across YG funding conditions dated 24 April 2017.

Now, here’s the interesting thing. These conditions, like all YG conditions since 2012, are missing a specific condition that relates to claiming funding. This clause, which appears for other funding sources stipulates that for funding to be claimed for a student’s enrolment, that student must have “completed 10% or one month of the course for which they have enrolled, whichever is the earlier.”

Until last year the missing clause didn’t much matter because the SDR Manual included the rule (see page 30 of the 2016 SDR Manual version 1.1). However with the introduction of the concept of “confirmed enrolments” in the SDR Manual (2016 SDR Manual version 1.2) the clause that described the 10%/one month rule disappeared.

One wonders who this may affect providers receiving YG funding for the first time in 2017.