2017 Successful Course Completion Rate

There are a couple of things you may like to think about in relation to how TEC will measure your 2017 SCC rate for SAC3+ and SAC3&4 Competitive funding.

• TEC has yet to announce the parameters for performance linked funding for 2017.
• If ultimately such parameters are announced, and you are adversely affected by any decision that TEC made, you could have ample grounds to challenge that decision.

The first point is that TEC’s funding condition 7.3 which relates to performance linked funding still reads “There will be a performance-linked funding element that is applied to SAC provision for qualifications at Level 3 and above. We will inform you of how that will be applied separately.” To my knowledge this hasn’t happened. So, well into the 2017 year you have no knowledge of how TEC will make funding decisions for 2019 on the basis of your 2017 performance.

You will be aware that the 2016 funding condition stated “The minimum threshold for educational performance is an average course completion rate of 70% or higher” as had been the case for a number of years.

The question then is why has TEC not published any guidance and, when chased up about the matter, TEC simply passes the buck to the Ministry of Education? I quote from a TEC email: “The Ministry of Education is about to consult on PLF options.

One answer to this question is that the inept and muddled introduction of the reporting of confirmed enrolments, and the related announcement that these would have an adverse effect on your 2017 Successful Course Completion and Student Retention rates, has left TEC unsure of its ground. Having already been hit by smart lawyers TEC may have lost its taste for confrontation.

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