To Fee or Not to Fee?

This question doesn’t have quite the same ontological weight as Hamlet’s but it is a question that many providers face when rolling out new qualifications – and there is a fair bit of that happening nowadays.

When getting TEC approval for a new qualification for which fees are charged the provider must submit tuition and compulsory course cost fee amounts for approval. The fees are matched by TEC against some as yet unpublished benchmarks.

What we do know is that “Courses are assessed individually and course fee benchmarks are in turn determined individually using NZSCED code, Funding Category Code and Proposed EFTS provided.  We consider if fees proposed are consistent with fees charged for existing similar courses offered by other TEOs on a dollar per EFTS basis.  Generally, fees proposed should be in the middle of the range of fees charged by other TEOs.”

Yeah right! Have a look at the table below.

This is an actual qualification and the figures are the actual figures for two actual providers. I guess that that TEC’s process actually involves a wheel of fortune rather than any well thought out and equitable assessment.

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